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Beautiful, unique, creative, exceptional and impressive. There are many adjectives to describe the new products in the series “Colourful” and “Natural” from Platinum. Words however can’t quite describe the series as well as pictures!

If you are interested in something extraordinary and to stand out, you have found the answer. Platinum has made new products to the trendy series called “Colourful” and “Natural”. Focus is on high class and unique solutions for every purpose. The solutions vary from beautiful and creative green walls to exceptional and impressive planters.

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Colourful options

In the “Colourful”-series all products are watertight, frost resistant and the lacquer is UV resistant. Wheels can be supplied to a large part of the collection as well, which can be attached so it’s invisible. The “Colourful”-products are also all made with focus on sustainability. All “Colourful”-products can therefore be traced back to their origins, where they are made of recoverable raw materials. All discarded products are recycled.

All “Colourful”-products can, beside the 10 standard RAL colours, be delivered in any color you want. All colors are based on water lacquer and you can choose between various finishes in structure, high shiny and mat.

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Natural elements

The “Natural”-series are made with an eye for detail, functionality, quality and creativity. The Natural-series has a large range of vases, planters, bowl and pedestals and are made in a range of silverleaf, bark, wood, coconut, metal, sand, shell and more. It truly makes a unique and exclusive look!

It’s made by well trained craftsmen, who use special technics to secure the high quality of these unique products.

From left to right: Primus Angle Wall Planter – Multivorm Round Wall Planter – Promo Wall Planter – Multivorm Square Wall Planter

From left to right: Mindoro Round Bowl in Polished Brass and Raw Cracked Shell – Alabat Oval in Raw Cracked Shell / Stainless Steel – Lubang Vase in Brushed Dark Brass

From left to right: Parel Pedestal / Expert Deco-Saule in matt sapphire blue – Cebu Round Bowl in Black Lip Shell with Polished Stainless Steel Top Rim – Bosco Bowl and Vita Bowl (Colors: Coconut, Cemani and Bark. Gold, Medium Silver, Bronze and Carbon


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