Planters & Pots

– for trendy interiors

We have a large selection of planters, which are divided up into 9 types as follows.


Fiberstructure products are made of a fiberglass composite, combined with sand and stone materials to achieve the desired surface. The planters have small amounts of stone in the material and are therefore extremely well-suited for outdoor use. Fiberstructure is a product that is not kiln-fired and is therefore very environmentally-friendly to produce. For indoor use we recommend using a plastic liner.

Several of our customers have expressed their desire for us to develop a planter in versatile colors, while at the same time maintaining the traditional planter shapes we have used for many years. We took them up on this and can now present our new “Friend” models, as both a vase and a planter together in a new and trendy design. High-quality, environmentally-friendly produced and lightweight.

Light-weight planters |  Planters with liners | Self-watering planters


All of the planters in the Fiberdesign series can be used indoors and out. Each of the larger models has a plastic liner with a handle as a standard feature. The Fiberdesign series includes the following products:

Suex, which is a tall, slender planter in two sizes, both models come with integrated rollers.

Panama, which is a square planter in 3 sizes.

Dominica, which is a rectangular planter model with 4 sizes, all of which have integrated rollers.

As standard, the Fiberdesign series comes in 3 colors, glossy black and white, as well as a matte black.

Planters with wheels | Planter with liner | Rectangular planter | High-gloss planters


LECHUZA planters are made of weatherproof and durable, quality plastic. But it

isn’t only the quality that convinces – LECHUZA planters’ functionality is an equal factor.

LECHUZA has a wide range of products for indoor use, as well as a variety of products for the garden and patio.

The interchangeable planter inserts in many LECHUZA planters make changing plants a breeze.

LECHUZA are produced and coated at LECHUZA’S environmentally-certified factory in the town of Dietenhofen, in southern Germany, according to the highest manufacturing standards.

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LIVINGREEN DESIGN planters are made of an extremely durable fiberglass material which is UV resistant. Trendy colors and shapes will give you a modern look in the furnishing of offices and other spaces. As an additional possibility, they can be delivered with an elevated bottom, as well as a self-irrigation system. We recommend using a plastic liner for these planters as an extra layer of protection.

Special planters | Large planters 


Plantinum produces high-end planters with regard to quality and finish. All of the planters are handmade with special surfaces, including gold leaf and lava. Highly unique colors not found in other product lines. Plantinum has divided up its products into 2 lines Natural and Colourful, both of which can be viewed on our catalog page if you would like to see the entire assortment.

We recommend using a plastic liner for these planters as an extra layer of protection.

Synthetic planters | Natural planters


Our steel pots always come with a watertight, interior pot or liner to make sure that the pots do not leak through over time. They are available as both a stainless-steel pot and an RAL lacquered pot. Most of the models are available with hidden wheels. We recommend that the pots only be used indoors. All Stainless-Steel products are available in many other sizes and colors. Please contact us for additional information.

Steel pots | Pots with wheels | Stainless-steel pots


The Adezz product assortment covers a wide span, with everything from fiberglass planters to steel pots. Adezz fiberglass material is made of a strong composite and is available in standard RAL 7021 (dark charcoal) and RAL 9010 (white). The steel pots are made of 2 mm steel plate, without additional treatment. Wheels for these planters can also be ordered, if desired.

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Vondom designs its quality products based on natural beauty. Vondom is a high-end product with particular emphasis on quality and design. Vondom is widely known for their illuminated planters in a variety of sizes.

Synthetic pots | Illuminated pots 


Artevasi planters are made of thoroughly-tested artificial materials that are UV resistant. Trendy colors and shapes are designed to accentuate a modern style in your home or office. Several of the planters come with a liner, rollers and self-watering system.

This series is naturally 100% watertight and comes with an interchangeable liner in several of the models.

Self-watering pots | Lightweight planters | Outdoor planters


Fiberstone, with a smooth, black surface which is durable and strong. Environmentally-friendly produced. Fiberstone gives a modern look to your home or office. For indoor use we recommend using a liner. We recommend that these products only be used indoors.

Glossy Fiberstone is elegant and minimalistic, with a smooth surface. Trendy colors, traditional and in stylish shapes. Convenient for offices, or any other setting. For indoor use we recommend using a plastic liner

Glossy Fiberstone window planters in various colors. Put the final touch on your furnishings with one of our stylish window planters that match many of our large planters

Glossy Sorelstone window planters in various colors. Put the finishing touches on your furnishings with one of our stylish window planters that match many of our large planters.

Sand-colored planters that give a very natural look. Decorative and trendy with stylish stripes. Surabaya is also available in high-gloss white and silver leaf. We recommend using plastic liners for these planters.