Wholesale of planters

We help the entire green industry with planter procurement. We have a large network of suppliers all over the world, so we can ensure you get the exact solution you need for your green shop or project. We sell everything from Greek terracotta and Danish recycled wood to Indonesian baskets and Vietnamese lightweight products.

Easy purchasing of planters wholesale

We take care of import, customs, responsible production and transportation, so you can focus on choosing from our large selection of planters. We’ve made it easy and simple for the green industry to find the right planters for their projects, and we make sure to give you the best items at competitive prices. At GrowDesign you always get great customer service, know-how and fast delivery.

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A selection of our planters

Below you can see a selection of our planters for wholesale. Remember that you can always see our full range on our webshop
– and if there’s anything you can’t find, you’re very welcome to contact us.

Fiberstone planters

Fiberstone is available with a smooth surface in either black or gray matte. It is very strong and durable. With Fiberstone you get a modern look in the office, patio or in front of the front door/entrance.

For indoor use we recommend a plastic insert. For outdoor use, we recommend a hole in the bottom, pot feet and good drainage with for example leca. There is no frost guarantee on Fiberstone.

Fiberstone is also available in a glossy version, but usually as an order item. Glossy is elegant, minimalist, with a glossy surface and traditional and stylish shapes. It is ideal for use in offices and other interiors.

Fiberdesign planters

All planters in the Fiberdesign series are for indoor use. Some of the larger models have plastic inserts with handles as standard. The Fiberdesign series includes the products:

Suez, which is a tall slim planter in two sizes, both models have integrated castors.
Panama, is a square bowl in 3 sizes.
Dominica, which is an elongated bowl model, 4 sizes and all with integrated wheels.

Black Clay planters

Heavy duty planters, with drainage hole in the bottom, robust, the brown beautiful and rustic surface is perfect for green environments both indoors and outdoors. Suitable for outdoor areas that are affected by wind and weather very stable planters.

Lechuza planters

Lechuza krukker har UV bestandig overflade og utrolig flot finish. Krukkerne fra Lechuza er letvægts krukker med selvvandingssystem inkl i alle krukkerne. Lechuza krukkerne er vandtætte og har frostgaranti.
Lechuza har et bredt sortiment i former, farver samt overflader.

Lechuza altankasse,


Beautiful unique ceramic planters. All the planters are handmade.
The surfaces are unique and vary depending on the firing.

All ceramic planters are suitable for outdoor use, with a drainage hole in the bottom. There is no frost guarantee on ceramics.

Fiberbeton planters

Fiber concrete is a product that is stylish. Easy to decorate with other surfaces. Grayish tones are predominant in this material, available for both indoor and outdoor use.
Beautifully simple and elegant.

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Fiberstructure planters

Fiber structure products are made of fiberglass composite, combined with sand and stone materials to get the desired surface. The planters have only a small amount of stone in the material and are therefore extremely suitable for outdoor use. For indoor use, we recommend the Neptun series which is waterproof.
The Fiberstruktur planters all have a rough surface and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The Fiberstruktur planters come with a frost guarantee.

Corten steel planters

Strong material that can be used both indoors and outdoors
(these planters come pre-rusted so they can also be used indoors).

They are all raised slightly above the ground for a beautiful floating appearance. A long-lasting material.

There is a frost guarantee on all our Corten steel planters.

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