Everything for outdoor and indoor planting

Growdesign has all the accessories you need for indoor and outdoor planting. Our assortment ranges from growing media to water meters, inserts and anti-scratch felt

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Flexible plastic inserts

Flexible plastic inserts for planters that are made of a strong plastic quality.

Used e.g. for sealing planters and for building self-watering jars with a water reservoir

Available in sizes from Ø09 up to Ø80 cm.

Need large planters?

We have a large selection of large planters in lightweight material

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Waterlevel indicator for planters

These Waterlevel indicator are made of plastic and have an internal float that indicates the water level in the basin. Available in sizes from 12 cm to 120 cm length. Available in several sizes


Big Bag:
The growth medium is available in both 1000 L and 1500 L big bag.
Vulkaponic sizes 2-5 mm and 3-8 mm
Volcanic granular mix suitable for closed planting systems.
Structurally stable growing medium that can absorb and release water and nutrients depending on the plant’s needs
Water absorption capacity over 40%. Reusable when transplanting. Regulates the PH value.
Vulkaponic is also available in bags. The 2-5 mm growth medium is also available in 25 L bags. This makes it very easy to carry the material in the car.

Growing medium for outdoor use. The growth medium can also be used indoors for larger plantings.

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Other accessories

Decorative bark

Pine bark/decorative bark is popular as a decorative ground cover for indoor and outdoor planters.
Pine bark is available in different sizes, from small chips to larger pieces, depending on the application.

Moisture meter for plants

Moisture meter to measure soil moisture. The indispensable everyday friend for indoor growers.

Anti-scratch felt

Anti-scratch felt for planters.

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